Calve Ketchup Top Down - 250 g


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€9,16 per kg
Calvé ketchup comes from a simple, wholesome recipe that contains no preservatives or thickeners and, as required by law, no coloring agents. Moreover, with only 15 Kcal per serving, it allows you to add flavor to your dishes with lightness.

Zutaten: Halbkonzentrierte Tomate (60%), Zucker, Tomatenfaser, Essig, Salz, Zitronensaftkonzentrat, Hefe-Extrakt, Gewürze.

Energie/ Energia/ Energy – 419 kJ / 99 kcal
Fett/ Grassi/ Fat – 0,5 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/ di cui acidi grassi saturi – 0,1 g
Kohlenhydrate/ Carboidrati/ Carbohydrate – 22 g
davon Zucker/ di cui zuccheri/ of which sugars – 21 g
Eiweiß/ Proteine/ Protein – 1,5 g
Salz/ Sale/ Salt – 2 g