Agrisicilia Confettura Extra con Ficodindia dell’Etna D.O.P. - 360 g


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€16,11 per kg

Etna D.O.P. extra prickly pear jam is the result of a meticulous search for the best raw materials in Sicily, particularly in the Etna area. We cultivate our prickly pears with passion and dedication, in collaboration with our local farmers who know the territory and its production inside out. Thanks to their experience, we are able to select the best fruits for the production of our homemade jams.

Ficodindia dell’Etna D.O.P., zucchero, gelificante: pectina da frutta, acidificante: acido citrico.

Ätna D.O.P. Kaktusfeigen, Zucker, Geliermittel: Fruchtpektin, Säuerungsmittel: Zitronensäure.