ACE Candeggina in Tabs - 14PZ 210 g

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From ACE research comes the first environmentally friendly single-dose bleach to help our planet! It provides sanitization and maximum cleanliness to protect your home and your white laundry.


Put a single dose in 5 liters of water and wash as usual.


Put a single dose and leave on for at least 15 minutes. Rinse.


Add detergent to the basin provided. Add the single dose to the drum. Place the clothes in the washing machine. Select prewash cycle and start washing machine. Runs at all temperatures. White garments only. DO NOT put the single dose in the tub.


Add one monodose to 10 liters of water. Let laundry soak for up to 15 minutes without detergent. Afterwards, rinse the laundry and wash it as usual

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