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€9,64 per kg
Lupins, also known as Lupinus albus, are legumes native to Chile. Because of their richness in vitamins and minerals, it would be of great importance to include them in the daily diet of our families. They are also widely consumed in the Middle East, Africa and Asia for their richness in protein.


Energie/ Energia/ Energy - 510 kJ / 122 kcal
Fett/ Grassi/ Fat – 2,4 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/ di cui acidi grassi saturi – 0 g
Kohlenhydrate/ Carboidrati/ Carbohydrate – 7,1 g
davon Zucker/ di cui zuccheri/ of which sugars – 0,5 g
Eiweiß/ Proteine/ Protein – 16,4 g
Salz/ Sale/ Salt – 2,5 g