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Spaghetti originated in Naples, and it was Antonio Viviani in 1842 who named them so, because they looked like small pieces of string. Because of their traditional diameter, intermediate in the universe of long pasta, they are among the most versatile formats.

Zutaten: HartWEIZENgrieß, Wasser. Kann Spuren von Soja und Eiern enthalten.

Energie/ Energia/ Energy – 1521 kJ / 359 kcal
Fett/ Grassi/ Fat – 2 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/ di cui acidi grassi saturi – 0,5 g
Kohlenhydrate/ Carboidrati/ Carbohydrate – 70,9 g
davon Zucker/ di cui zuccheri/ of which sugars – 3,5 g
Eiweiß/ Proteine/ Protein – 12,8 g
Salz/ Sale/ Salt - 0,013 g