Agrisicilia Confettura Extra con Ficodindia dell’Etna D.O.P. - 360 g

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Agrisicilia Confettura Extra con Ficodindia dell'Etna D.O.P. is a delicious jam made from high-quality prickly pears grown in the fertile soils of Mount Etna. This jam celebrates the authentic flavour and richness of prickly pears and offers a genuine, tasty product, ideal for breakfast or as a special ingredient in your recipes.

Ficodindia dell’Etna D.O.P., zucchero, gelificante: pectina da frutta, acidificante: acido citrico.

Ätna D.O.P. Kaktusfeigen, Zucker, Geliermittel: Fruchtpektin, Säuerungsmittel: Zitronensäure.